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Physiotherapy service

Fisic Salud

FísicSalut Fisioterapia is a private center specializing in Sports Physiotherapy, Physical Preparation and Rehabilitation that is located at C/ Convent, 43B in the city of Sabadell (Barcelona).

The Post-Competition Sports Physiotherapy Service is carried out directed by Marc Soteras Garcia (Sports Physiotherapist, Physical Trainer and Rehabilitator) with collegiate number: 14.574 (CFC) and owner of the center.

Apart from private practice, he is a Physiotherapist for the KH7 SPORT, SANTIVERI-CAPRABO and THE WHITEANGEL-SANTIVERI teams in the GARMIN TITAN DESERT.

physiotherapy service

What we offer?

Post-Competition Sports Physiotherapy Service that is aimed at each and every one of the runners registered in the Pedals De Foc NonStop 2022.

The main objective is to improve physical fitness and functional muscle recovery once the test is over, applying 100% personalized treatments in each case. Muscle regeneration therapies are included, such as; sports massage for muscle regeneration, global stretching among other techniques and Sports Physiotherapy treatments.

Characteristics and operation of the service

  • It is characterized by being an external service, and as such, it must be contracted by the broker independently and optionally.
  • At the moment in which the contracting period for the additional service is closed (7 days before the test) and the total number of registrants is available, a document will be generated with names, surnames and ID of all the registrants which will be It will take the day of the competition and will serve to verify that the runner has contracted the service. It will be essential to identify yourself by means of your DNI or an accrediting document once you approach the treatment area after the test.
  • Once the verification is finished, an Excel document will be provided in which the finish line will be listed in order of arrival. Next, a specific schedule will be provided and the corresponding treatment will be received.
  • The treatment time is established between approximately 35-40 minutes per runner.
  • Any runner who does not have the previously contracted service will not be treated.
  • No refund will be made to runners who have contracted the service and do not show up at the treatment area on the day of the test. Only and exclusively will the reimbursement be made in those situations of force majeure where the runners officially justify their withdrawal through the medical services of the competition.
  • Reimbursement will be made to all runners in the event that there is a breach of a minimum number of registered for the service (15 runners) a maximum of 15 days before the test, which the service will be canceled with prior notice to all runners.