Program - PDF Non Stop

PDF Non Stop

2019 UEC MTB Ultra Marathon European Championships


This is the program planned for the Pedals de Foc Non Stop 2019 (PROVISIONAL)

Friday 28th June, from 16.00h to 20.00h
Sala Polivalenta (Vielha)
Pick up numbers

Friday 28th June, 20.00h
Sala Polivalenta (Vielha)
Official briefing

Saturday 29th June, 05.00h
Parking P3 (Vielha)
PDF Non Stop 2019 start for competitive licenses

Saturday 29th June, 05.10h
Parking P3 (Vielha)
PDF Non Stop 2019 start for cyclotouristic licenses

Saturday 29th June, from 15.00h aprox
Querimònia street, parking P3 (Vielha)
Arrive of the first riders

Sunday 30th June, 11.00h
Parking P3 (Vielha)
Ceremony Awards