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Pedales del Mundo

Pedales del Mundo is the pioneer company in Spain in the design, planning, evaluation and promotion of tourism products related to nature, revealing local values ​​(culture, heritage, cuisine, etc.) via bicycle or other integrated in the environment, respecting the customs of the people who live there and trying that these are the biggest beneficiaries of our projects.

From the creation of the Pedals de Foc in 2005, born a new way of understanding the active tourism which was subsequently implemented and replicated in other parts of the country and outside it, through a franchisee system pioneer in the sector, up to form the present route network Pedales del Mundo consisting of more than 15 routes that are divided into three categories:

  • BTT: Pedales del Mundo classic routes through some of the most beautiful places of Spain
  • Slow: flat profile routes where speed and rhythm do not matter and where you can enjoy much more of the land and its charms.
  • Road: road routes across special points will be internacionalized. Road to Enjoy!

Currently, Pedales del Mundo is a mark of a recognized national and international prestige in the organization and management of bicycle routes, as confirmed by the fact that 25,000 cyclists have thought of us to realize what pleasure pedaling. And is that the Pedales del Mundo routes are much more than tours!
More information: www.pedalesdelmundo.com